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“Every shirt we print, every design we make is to raise awareness and the voice of the community.” ~ Brian

100% LGBT Owed & Operated

We print amazing t-shirts for businesses, organizations, nonprofits, pride parades and our own retail collections.

The heart of Pride Basics beats with an unwavering dedication to top-tier quality, seamless communication, trendsetting designs, and the undeniable “YAASSS” effect that transforms our customers into passionate brand ambassadors.

Retail Pride T-Shirts
Each year we create new and fabulous designs for our community to raise voices and visibility. Everything is printed in house by our amazing team and ship in 1-4 days from Denton, Texas. We try to have something for everyone but if you don’t see what you like send us a message.

Huge Pride Flag Collection
Picture the most dazzling amount of pride flags you have ever seen, multiply that tenfold, and you’ve just about scraped the surface of the exuberance that surrounds our huge Pride flag collection. We have 87 different designs and over 100,000 flags in stock ready to ship.

Wholesale and Consignment Pride Merchandise
From $5 Volunteer shirts to consignment merchandise for your organization to raise money, we have fabulous solutions for your next pride event.

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Pride Basics
2170 Collins Road, Suite 600
Denton, Texas 76208

Store Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am – 5pm
Sat: 8am 9pm
Sun: 8am – 2pm


info@pridebasics.com orders@pridebasics.com


Tel: 940-205-7631

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